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History Néigé Légér Suire Birth

Néigé Légér Suire was born the morning after a big snow storm. This is why he was called Néigé Légér  (pronounced nay jay, in French and which is translated to snow in English). It was told to us, this family was trapped in their home from the ice forming on the outside, they could not open doors or windows. Some family members went to their home and had to break in with axes to break the ice off and around door in order to be able for the door to open. They were trapped in their home from the inside, and no one could enter, with the ice holding the doors shut, one could only imagine this feeling of helplessness.
Snowfall amounts for South Louisiana and SE Texas; the temperatures (17 degrees or lower, see 1895 Noted: 2nd line) were bitterly cold. Feb 14-15, 1895.
Source;  http://www.srh.noaa.gov/lch/?n=snowclimo These are the snowfall amounts, with temperatures bitterly cold.

1895  NOTED: (Feb. 7) This item from the St. Landry town of Sunset, dated February 7, appeared in the New Orleans Daily Picayune on February 8: At 7 o'clock last night a very heavy gale from the northwest struck this place and by 4 o'clock this morning a blizzard came upon us in full force and by 9 o'clock the thermometer registered 17 degrees. There has not been the least cessation in the occurrences of the wind and everything is frozen tight all day with prospects of a very severe night. (Feb. 13) Fourteen inches of snow fell at Lafayette. (Feb. 13-15) Twenty-four inches fell at Rayne, still a state record for Lafayette, City weather form for February 1895 carries this note: Snow began falling on the night of the 13th stopped before daylight  began again about 6:30 a.m. on the 14th and kept up until about 10 a.m. on the 15th, about 14 inches of snow fall.
A resident F. V. Gallaugher recalled in a memoir: The St. Valentine's Day snow of 1895 lasted for three days and two nights. I was 15 and the snow was up to my knees.

Néigé Légér Suire
Néigé Légér Suire

Plentiful snowfall for South Louisiana, very unusual for this far south at any time of the year, normally 2-3 inches every 5 years or so.

This is the true story of the Birth of Néigé Légér Suire which was past down from generations and had to be included here, this is not only a true story but a bit of some interesting mystique in the birth of this man, Néigé Légér Suire. Although this man only lived to be 23 years of age we are still researching what was the cause of his early death. He was married to Olite Richard and had a family only for a short while. Anyone with any information about this person and family do not hesitate please contact us.
It was told to us from our ancestors they had went to his parents and they had to break the ice with axes from the door to gain entrance into the house. Remember this was very unusual for our southern climate, although we have had temperatures lower, this record snow fall and I believe the ice was the culprit so to speak.